A perfect affinity between time and art

Carlo Bocchino’s grappa first saw the light in 1898, a product of the fermentation and distillation of pomace, followed by ageing. Delicate steps which, still today, are carried out according to the original method. To obtain single-varietal grappas, the pomace is placed in special steel vats, where it ferments. The development and speed of the fermentation are controlled to optimize the microbiological processes. Once the fermentation has come to an end, steam distillation takes place in special batch distillation copper pot stills.

It is the pot stills that house Carlo Bocchino’s secret, keeping the slow and gentle rhythm of the steam going through the pomace and extracting the precious substances essentially intact. However, only adequate aging in appropriate casks can provide distillates with the perfect finish and the typical amber color. And only the longest-aged grappas can be part of the Casa Bocchino reserves, with decades under their belt, and special sensations that only time can enrich.